Is It Hard to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

This is quite a common question coming from patients who wonder if it’s too much of a hassle applying for the program. Medical marijuana has been a booming form of treatment, with lots of patrons enumerating the benefits. While the process is fairly easy, it can be pretty expensive.

Medical Marijuana in Florida is now easier to access with lots of dispensaries all over the state. The process of getting a card is probably one of the easiest and here are the easy steps you need to follow.

1.Application Process

Compared to many other states, Florida has made key parts of the process easier for those who want to obtain their own medical marijuana card. The process may take some time but it’s definitely not as hassle as you think.

2.Finding a Doctor

The first thing you need to do is find a doctor that will recommend medical marijuana to you. Well, of course, you need to have a qualifying condition that will be the reason why you’re recommended for that form of treatment.
Compared to other states, Florida has given out a list of doctors who can recommend marijuana to you for treatment. There are over 270 doctors on that list so just find one who’s nearest and more convenient for you.

Once you find a doctor you want to work with, just set an appointment. Mind you that these doctors charge about for their consultations. Just bring about $100-$200 just in case. Credit cards can’t really be used and your insurance won’t cover the fees because it’s for medical marijuana which isn’t legal on the federal level yet.

3.Get Recommended

When you go to your doctor’s appointment, it’s best to be prepared for the questions the doctor has for you. The session can last for about an hour to two hours. This is mainly due to the doctor’s thorough look into your application. As much as possible, you need to bring a previous prescriptions for your condition or other proof for treatments that didn’t really work for you.

Having these with you during the appointment can really make it easy for the doctor to approve you for medical marijuana use. Since marijuana will be a form of treatment, you need to show that you’re generally interested in the positive medical effects it has for you body.

Once the doctor will write the recommendation, he or she will also enter your information into the state’s marijuana registry. You will get your patient ID number which you will be using to apply for the card. An email address will definitely be handy during this time.

4.Online Application

After the visit to the doctor, just go to this website, click on the “Log Into The Registry” button, and use the patient ID that you got from your doctor. The instructions will be pretty clear from there, so no worries.
The fee for the application is currently $75 which can take about five days to process after payment. After the application will be posted, it’s going to take another couple of days before your application gets approved.

5.Buying Marijuana

Yeah, the process can take quite some time indeed. But don’t worry, the temporary identification card you’ll get in your email can already be used to make purchases. Amazing, right? Told you that email will come in handy.
Just print it out or bring it with you and buy marijuana as soon as you can. No need to wait for the actual card to arrive in the mail. Just make sure that your ID is valid or else you won’t be able to buy anymore weed in the future.

6.Renewal Process

There are several benefits to having a medical marijuana card but in order to continue enjoying these benefits, you must renew your card yearly. The process is also quite simple, don’t worry.

7.Paper or Electronic Options

Patients can opt to renew through paper or the internet. For paper renew, just get an application form and check the renewal box. For electronic renewals, go to the online registry, and clicn on your tab. Look for the “Renew My Card” button to file for renewal.

The application form must be filled up and submitted along with the $75 application fee and other required documents 45 days before the expiry of your card. .

8.Waiting Time

Just like the initial application process, it may take some time for the renewed card but don’t worry, it’ll arrive in your email and you can buy again as soon as possible.

Getting a medical marijuana card in Florida isn’t really as exhausting as it is in other states but it can definitely take some time. Don’t worry though, the process doesn’t really take more than a month to finish. Besides, what’s better than delayed gratification, right?…