Who should you hire to run your brand’s social media?

I enjoyed Jon Hendren’s post, Your Company Sucks at Social Media which leaves some sage advice for those looking to hire a “social media expert”:

Who should you hire? Pretty much anybody but those people. Seriously, go walk around the office and look for someone who is cool but bored with their current position and who can hold a decent human-style conversation, and see if they want to take a swing at it. Simply running a corporate Facebook and Twitter account is not a full time job and does not require a dedicated employee. All it really takes is someone with a little humility, some people skills, a sense of humor about their role, a decent enough grasp of the Internet, and and a couple hours each day to interact with the void, tops. Ideally– and as long as your hiring practices hadn’t allowed doofuses into your company– this would mean most of your co-workers are able to do it.

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Tal Oron on March 27 — 10:57 pm #

I get this and agree at some levels, however, I think it fits some brands and may not fit others. A broadband provider has many ways to run social media. That person or people can do customer support, and news, which are fairly simple tasks. I do think that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Social media for brands is a powerful micro blogging tool and they use it for advertising the kind of lifestyle the brand represents.

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