Sleep No More; third time lucky


In preparation for an upcoming trip to New York City, I’m contemplating seeing Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More for the third time.

Like the memory of a strange dream I can’t quite shake off, the experience keeps coming back to me. There are bits I didn’t understand, bits I completely missed, and nuances I want to explore again. It’s like watching Mulholland Drive twelve times and still picking up new pieces of the puzzle.

The first time I went, I went alone and a bit drunk (I went immediately after the 99% Conference, not because I’m a lonesome alcoholic…). The second time I went with a friend and I was very drunk. Sleep No More is best experienced somewhere in between: shore yourself up with a few glasses of wine, and if you go with a friend, just arrange to meet at the bar afterwards: the experience is intense enough without having to maintain contact with anyone.

I was also told by my pal Burks that there are secret places in the environment only a few people have found, including an additional floor. That’s a compelling reason enough to pay another visit to The McKittrick Hotel…

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